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Color: Green

Aim: Seek And Preserve The Beauty Of The Great

Spirits Work, In Forest, Field, and Stream

 Our adventures start on Friday and end on Sunday.  Approximately 6 adventures are planned each year to different parts of the state.  The Apache leaders bring most of the supplies needed including food, plates, silverware and everything needed to prepare the meals.  Members only need to bring a tent, air mattress, sleeping bag/linens, pillows, drinks for children and adults, a few snacks, camp chairs and flashlight.  Whether it is swimming in crystal clear springs, riding airboats, paddling canoes, making crafts or sitting around the campfire and telling stories, the Apaches always have fun and unique activities planned for every trip.  Boredom is NEVER an option!

Contact Information:

Daniel Scime
Chief Moose

We are Apache;


A family oriented group of sons, daughters and dads who love the adventures of camping.  Our weekends are spent having fun outdoors with friends and taking part in activities that stimulate the mind and body.  Don’t bother bringing electronics or video games because the Apaches don’t allow electronics!

Apache Rules:

  1. Kids are not allowed electronics during the campout (only exception is out of view of all other children before bed).

  2. No cursing inf front of children

  3. Dads are in charge. If Mom’s come as guest campers and there is a disagreement about things such as bed time, diet, etc. final decision falls to chief.

  4. It’s about the kids.

  5. Have fun

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