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Color: Red

Aim: Love the sacred circle of your family

Who we are:

The Apalachee Tribe, one of many tribes part of the Eola Federation, consists of families desiring to get back to the basics and enjoy camping with others.  We currently have approximately 20 families and would love for yours to join us.  Leave the electronics at home and let’s play in the woods!!

We have a good mix of tents, pop-ups, and RV’s of all sizes.  Our children range in ages with a healthy mix of boys and girls.  Many families live in East Orlando, but that is not exclusive.

We appreciate quality family time, good values, making memories and sharing experiences.  We enjoy meals together and everyone participates in the food prep, cooking and cleaning.  We work together as a community to leave the camp sites cleaner than we arrived.


Activities during Camping:

Each camping experience you can expect fun activities, both planned and unplanned.  Some of our favorites are pumpkin carving, pinewood derby races, geo-caching, field games and kickball.  You can also count on a few getting together for arts and crafts and a friendly game of manhunt!!



Contact Information:

Janet Healing

Chief Flying Eagle

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