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Color: Black

Aim: Always be friend(s) with your parent(s) / child(ren)

Who we are:

The Calusa Tribe is one of the tribes in the Eola Federation, and we are all affiliated with The National Longhouse Program - Native Sons & Daughters. Calusa is primarily fathers and daughters, though we've got lots of sons as well.

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What we do:

We are a tent camping group. Once a month, October through April, we gather together at a campground in the Central Florida area. Typically, we meet at a campsite Friday after school/work and break just before lunch on Sunday. No prior camping experience is required. Join us, have some fun, enjoy the outdoors, relax, and make new friends. We have all the cooking equipment needed to prepare our meals, and all dads share in meal preparation. The food is great! All you need to bring is a tent with sleeping gear, a cooler with drinks, and snacks.

Commitment and Cost:

Any level of commitment will benefit the relationship you have with your daughter. We do not have meetings, we do not have merit badges, we do not sell cookies. We go camping and spend quality father-daughter time. Male siblings abound as well. There is no requirement to camp any certain number of weekends during the year. We have families who never miss an outing, and those who camp whenever possible. The cost is around $135 per camp out, and includes 5 meals.


Chris W. Hayes

Chief Ring of Fire

2023 - 2024

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Calusa's Tribal Council (2023 - 2024)

Aaron Pastula

Andrew Jalbert

Andrew McQuiggan

Barry Cales

Brad Barnett

Bradley Simpson

Chad Luff

Chris Fernandez

Chris Hayes

Derek Francis

Greg Knudsen

Kenneth Roberts

Mason Riles

Matthew Pardy

Michael Caborn

Michael Riles

Patrick Emerson

Reid Wilburn

Rob McGarry

Vince Chiu

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