My name is Andrew McQuiggan, or as I am known around the campfire, Chief McSquiggles. I have been a part of the Eola Federation since 2011 when my first child started kindergarten at 5 years old. I have two daughters, Jill (Flying Eagle) who is 13, and Sammy (Snapping Gator) who is 11, and we are part of the Calusa Tribe. This is my first year as the Federation Chief for Eola, however, I was the Calusa chief for two years. The camping weekends we spend together as Father and Daughter are memorable, fun and relaxing, I don’t think there is anything my kids would trade for in place of these weekends, they love playing outdoors, swimming in the lake, building pine derby cars and carving pumpkins, it truly is the best bonding experience for my children and me.


As this is my first year as Chief, I have some big shoes to fill from my predecessor, however, with the help of the other tribal chiefs and my federation officers, I hope to create more friendships between the tribes and have more events and activities where the tribes work and play together to create a larger, but close knit group than ever before.


Also, a goal I have for this year is to have the older kids more involved in the weekend activities. As kids get older, the idea of playing in the dirt, climbing trees and building crafts isn’t as appealing as when they were 5 & 6 years old, so to keep them interested (and off their phones) and eager to camp, I hope to involve them more in the setup and running of some of the weekend activities, such as the Pine Wood derby, AIMS walk, and the Field Games.


Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone camping!


Andrew McQuiggan

Chief McSquiggles

Eola Federation Chief


 EOLA Federation Chief

Chief McSquiggles

Andrew McQuiggan