Color: Blue

Aim: Love my neighbor as yourself

The Creek are a friendly, fun-loving family tribe.  We welcome mothers, fathers and we let the kids come too.  We love camping and are there to make great memories with our children.  Our kids range in age from 3 to 9, girls and boys, who go to a variety of schools in West Orlando.


We are currently made up of five families and we all take turns deciding on meals and sharing duties. We have a good mix of eating well and simple kid-friendly camping meals. There always seems to be extra help given by everyone in our tribe.


For our fine accommodations, we currently have tents, campers, and a pop-up. We're all out to enjoy nature and have some great experiences with our kids, teaching us all some things along the way.


During each campout we typically have a tribe activity.  We've had crafts, hikes, rocket launches, archery lessons, nurf-gun capture the flag, metal detecting, meditation, scavenger hunts and many more.  We're always welcome to new ideas and activity leaders.


Chief Grazing Bison (aka Tom Meyer)