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EOLA Derby Rules

1.  Cars must weigh a maximum of 5 ounces

2.  Car bodies must be made of wood

3.  Cars must have 4 wheels

4.  Cars must fit in "Go/No-Go Box"

4a.  Maximum width (including wheel and axles): 2 ¾ inches

4b.  Maximum height: 3 inches

4c.   Maximum length: 7 inches

5.  Axles must be nails (bearing type axles are not allowed)

6.  Cars must be powered by gravity

7.  Cars from previous year or other races are not permitted

EOLA Derby Divisions

Papoose - Kindergarten and Younger

Rookie Guides - 1st and 2nd grade boys

Rookie Princess - 1st and 2nd grade girls

Pro Guides - 3rd and 4th grade boys

Pro Princesses - 3rd and 4th grade girls

Trail Blazers - 5th grade and above

Parents - Moms and Dads

The top cars from the 6 children's divisions will compete for:


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