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Aim: Be attentive, listen while others speak


WE ARE THE MOHICANS ! One of the newest tribes to join the EOLA Federation, but our camping group has been going strong for over 10 years. Were a tribe of sons, daughters, and dads that camp anyway each family feels comfortable whether it’s a tent or RV. Our schedule follows the same calendar dates as the EOLA federation. Most of our families are from the southwest Orlando / Windermere area, but we have families from all around central Florida. Have to mention how great that is for the children because they create another circle of friends they don’t get to see as often.

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As for our kids, we have a wide range of ages from 3 to 15. They’ll spend the entire day outside from dusk till pitch dark. This is a camping experience, so electronics are not allowed during the day. Our dads have the choice to allow them in their tents at bedtime. We schedule different outdoor activities each campout from Corn Hole tournaments, Minute-to-win-it, Rain Gutter Regatta, Critter Races, Dodge Ball, huge slip-n-slides, scavenger hunts, water bucket races, and many more. Night time is the best as our kids play manhunt, enjoy smores, and always have the opportunity to tell scary campfire stories in front of their friends. Special nights, we’ll have our Tonka ceremonies with large bonfires and honorary mentions for our children winning in competition(s) or setting great examples for others.

For the dads, we try to make it as simple as possible. Just pack your bare essentials (tent, clothes, sleeping bags, and drinks) and come join us. If you don’t have something, just ask as we’re likely to have extra.  Through the years, our tribe has formed a stocked trailer camping kitchen and an inventory of everything needed to make the experience fun, safe, and relaxing. All our meals are shopped, prepared, and enjoyed as a tribe. We’re fortunate to have dads with a passion for cooking, so we eat well! Easy weekend tasks are divvied up amongst us. Typically, a dad will only have to help with one activity. Your time can really be enjoyed with your kids or relaxing while your kids are having a blast.  After the kids are asleep, we set up tables for the dads and play poker or hang out around the campfire.

We enjoy visiting a variety of campsites around central Florida. Our favorites include Florida Elks Youth Camp (Umatilla), Wickham Park (Melbourne), Long Point Park (Melbourne), Kars Park (Merritt Island), Moss Park (Orlando), and Rainbow Springs (Dunnellon) just to name a few.

Moms out there, you are not entirely excluded. It’s not a season of camping without the moms joining us for our family campout.  We also have a tradition to welcome back our alumni families that have had kids age out over the years. The kids may age out, but the Elders are welcomed back to remain a part of the tribe they help build over the years. Both of these campouts are always highlights of the season.

Hope to see you out there!


Vinny Stazzone

Chief Standing Bear