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Color: Red

Aim: Love The Sacred Circle Of Your Family

YATAHEY!!  (A greeting meaning hello that is used by many native American tribes across the country.)

We are the Osceola Tribe.  As of the beginning of the 2018-2019 camping season, we consist of thirteen families with a total of twenty children (boys and girls) ranging in ages nine to fifteen. 

Our focus is on the children, spending quality time with them, enjoying their company, and hopefully teaching them some core values and valuable lessons along the way.   We are not an outside activity group requiring kids and/or parents going  door to door selling things or have regular weekly meetings.  However, we do want to begin teaching our children some of the values related to being outside and our natural environment.  Most of the children in our tribe are always busy and do not have the opportunity or much time to commit to other regular activity groups due to school functions and team sports.  We as parents feel many of the teachings about our environment and spending time outside together are valuable and would like to pass some along to our children and make many memories together with them.  They grow up fast and we want to remember the best times with them.

For one weekend in each of the cooler months, October – April, (skipping December due to busy holidays) we go to various group campsites throughout central Florida for a weekend of fun.  Our camping outings start on Friday evenings by setting up camp and having a fun filled and learning experience.   We will begin a tradition this year of teaching a lesson or participating in a special activity each campout.  These include things like tying knots, starting a fire and fire safety, gun safety, archery and more.  Additionally, we plan to have lots of fun with our families, including KanJam, Woofer ball, Volleyball, and on some trips archery, rifle target shooting and much more. Typically, we pack up and head home shortly after Sunday's breakfast and the last federation meeting.

Prior to one of our camping outings, we send proposed menus for all meals, this includes Friday's dinner, Saturday's breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and finally Sunday's breakfast.   There is an application we use on-line to schedule the menus.  We've had great success over the years asking all families to pick (1st come 1st serve) items from those menu's to bring as their contributions to the meals.  Along with the meal planning, we also try to divide chores and responsibilities such as meal prep, cooking, and cleanup ahead of time.

We all work together to ensure everyone's safety, have a great time creating awesome memories, and always prepare and eat excellent meals together.  There are times where the wives or significant others like to have their weekends free and stay home alone.  They just don't know all of the great memories and opportunities they are missing.  Everyone is always welcome to join us at all times.

If you have any questions, need additional information, or want to come out for a camp and try us out, please feel free to contact me directly.



Nate Dillard

Chief Knight Hawk

Osceola Tribe

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